23rd Nowa Huta Musical Spring 2018

Thursday, May 10, 2018 - Sunday, May 27, 2018

  • Thursday, May 10, 2018 - Sunday, May 27, 2018
  • C.K. Norwid Cultural Centre, os. Górali 5
  • St Bartholomew's Church, ul. Klasztorna 11
  • Mieczysław Karłowicz Music School, os. Centrum E 2
  • Jan Matejko’s Manor House in Krzesławice, ul. Wańkowicza 25
  • Church of St Maksymilian M. Kolbe, os. Tysiąclecia 86
  • Kuźnia Club, os. Złotego Wieku 14
  • Church of Our Lady of Częstochowa, os. Szklane Domy 7
  • ARTzona, os. Górali 4
  • Sfinks Cinema, os. Górali 5
  • Pauline Church, ul. Skałeczna 15

Music from Stefan Wesołowski’s acclaimed album Rite of the End which earned the composer a nomination for the “Paszport Polityki” award, Beethoven’s and Schumann’s string quartets performed by the Antarja Quartet, sound experiments from the Elucktrick ensemble, music from the days of the Jagiellonian and Vasa dynasties performed by the Floripari Early Music Ensemble, and Fairytale Lullabies and the installation Musical Garden – there will be plenty to choose from! During the 23rd Nowa Huta Musical Spring, music resounds at venues including the Jan Matejko Manor, churches of St. Bartholomew, M.M. Kolbe and the Our Lady of Częstochowa, and at the C.K. Norwid Cultural Centre – organiser of the event. Entry free!

10 May 2018, 8pm
St Bartholomew’s Church
Rite of the End

Stefan Wesołowski (violin, electronics), Anna Pašić (harp), Oliwier Andruszczenko (clarinet)

11 May 2018, 7pm
Mieczysław Karłowicz Music School
Youthfully and Maturely
Marian Choir (choir preparation Jan Rybarski), Kraków Young Philharmonic, Tomasz Chmiel (conductor)

13 May 2018, 5pm
Jan Matejko Manor House in Krzesławice
Antarja Quartet
Barbara Mglej (violin I), Elzbieta Mudlaff (violin II), Magdalena Chmielowiec (viola), Piotr Gach (cello)
Ludwig van Beethoven String Quartet in F minor Op. 95 No. 11 “Quartetto serioso”
Robert Schumann String Quartet in A major Op. 41 No. 3

13 May 2018, 6pm
Church of St M.M. Kolbe
Cracovia Mundi. Music of the Republic of Poland 15-17th Centuries
Floripari Early Music Ensemble
Maria Klich (soprano), Artur Łuczak (violin, viola, fidel), Justyna Dolot (virginal), Mateusz Kowalski (viola da gamba), Aleksander Tomczyk (gemshorns, flute, shawm, percussion)

17 May 2018, 7pm
Cyprian Kamil Norwid Cultural Centre
Eluktrick & Angels
Eluktrick: Thymn (keyboards, vocal), Artur Malinowski (guitar, vocal), Michał Bakonyi (bass), Rav (percussion)
Angels (support): Łukasz Pająk (guitar), Jan Dyja (bass), Michał Adamski (percussion), Tomasz Kijewski (vocal)

19 May 2018, 6pm
Kuźnia Club
Internat Emigration

20 May 2018, 6pm
Church of Our Lady of Częstochowa
Musica Ex Anima Choir and Orchestra of the Divine Mercy Basilica, Krzysztof Michałek (conductor)

23 May 2018, 6pm
Cyprian Kamil Norwid Cultural Centre
Open Your Ears. Here and Now. Musique concrète
Lecture (in Polish) illustrated with musical works
Spółdzielnia Muzyczna Contemporary Ensemble: Martyna Zakrzewska (piano, musical objects, electronics), Jakub Gucik (cello, musical objects, electronics), Piotr Peszat (musical objects, electronics)

24 May 2018, 5pm
Fairy-tale Lullabies
concert for parents with children
SWADA: Katarzyna Chodoń, Iwona Karcz, Jaga Szeptalin, Anna Sitko (vocals), András Dávid Kiss (guitar, Hungarian zither), Michał Biel (drums)

27 May 2018, 7pm
Kuźnia Club
Kraków Blues Group

Accompanying events:

11 May 2018, 5pm
Secret Garden (os. Górali 4, by the building of ARTzona)
Musical Garden
opening of the recycling musical installation for children, open until 27 May

27 May 2018, 3pm
Pauline Monastery, courtyard
Gospel at Skałka
Organiser: Gospel Association, co-organiser: Cyprian Kamil Norwid Cultural Centre

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