Use a stick or chalk to draw an outline of a person on a tarmac path, pavement or simply a sandy area.

Three squares placed one above the other are the body, two horizontal rectangles are the arms, another square is the neck and the round head is divided in half with a vertical line.

Play eeny meeny miny moe to agree turns.

The game involves moving through all the eight fields. Throw a pebble into each shape and skip on one foot between the fields taking care not to tread on a line. Pick up your pebble as you go. Hop into the head with both feet, turn around in the air and hop all the way back to win all eight fields.

If you make a mistake – throw your pebble into the wrong field or onto a line, lose your balance or tread on a line separating the fields – another player takes their turn.

The first person to complete the full figure is the winner!

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