Anywhere in Kraków

Museum of Krakow (15)

The Barbican and the Defensive Wall

The jewel in the crown of Kraków’s fortifications is accessible to tourists from spring to autumn, and in summer it provides a backdrop for events that immerse you in medieval history...

Nowa Huta Underground

The shelter under the No. 3 Mechanical Education School Complex located at the housing estate Szkolne 37 is the first shelter made available within the Nowa Huta Underground tourist route. The plan...
os. Szkolne 37

Museum of Nowa Huta

On 1 March 2019, the cultural map of Kraków gained a new institution: the Museum of Nowa Huta, the latest branch of the Museum of Krakow located in the historical building of the former...
os. Centrum E 1


Rydlówka, a one-of-a-kind destination, has multiple links to the art of the Young Poland movement – including painting, literature, playwriting and theatre. This place has left its mark...
ul. Tetmajera 28

Podgórze Museum

In 2018 Podgórze, an independent city since its 1784 charter, and a district of Kraków since 1915, opened its own museum. Its establishment involved local cultural institutions and...
ul. Limanowskiego 51
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