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Saint Adalbert’s Church

What does this small, unimposing church do in the impressive and vast Main Market Square of Kraków? Moreover: standing askew? This edifice is a relic of very distant times, long before...
Rynek Główny 3

Saint Florian’s Gate

In bygone times, kings returning from victorious battles, diplomats, and illustrious guests visiting Kraków entered the city through this gate. Today St Florian’s Gate (Brama...
ul. Floriańska

Sanctuary of St John Paul II

The modern church is a specific place of devotion to St John Paul II in Kraków, as the precious relics of the saint are stored here. The most precious among them is some blood taken from...
ul. Totus Tuus 32

St Florian’s Church

One of the oldest churches in Kraków. Although its patron is St Florian, the patron of firefighters protecting against fire and war, such cataclysms dramatically influenced the history of...
ul. Warszawska 1

Szeroka Street

Szeroka Street is the heart of Jewish Kazimierz. Let a testimony to its significance be the fact that four synagogues used to stand on the street, which was unheard of anywhere else in Europe. ...
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