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Museums (62)

Solvay Centre for Modern Art

ul. Zakopiańska 62

Stained-Glass Museum

More than a museum, it is a living hub of stained-glass decoration in a famous Kraków workshop, and its designs have radiated across the city for over a century. Besides admiring the...
al. Krasińskiego 23

State Rooms

The chambers of the second floor of Wawel Royal Castle were a worthy backdrop for the most important state events and court ceremonies. Wawel Castle acquired its greatest splendour in the 16th...
Wawel 5

The Bishop Erazm Ciołek Palace

The fascinating sculpture of Madonna from Krużlowa from the early 15th century is but one of the fine examples of art of bygone Poland that can be admired in the beautiful mansion (often referred...
ul. Kanonicza 17

The Eagle Pharmacy

Tadeusz Pankiewicz could not possibly have foreseen while taking over his father’s pharmacy that he would make history together with the enterprise. A slender, not-so-tall man with dark...
pl. Bohaterów Getta 18
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