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Dragon’s Square, Playground at Wietora St.

Who fancies climbing a wooden dragon with a view over the Vistula? For the youngest kids there’s a dragon-slide, and for the elder ­– a climbing wall, obstacle course, rope climbing...
teren zielony przy ul. Wietora

GOjump MEGApark Sikorki

Acrobatics, parkour, fitness, snowboarding, wakeboarding, kiteboarding, aerial yoga, air dance and plenty more fun besides for big and small ninjas – come along to Małopolska’s largest...
ul. Sikorki 23

Gombrowicz's Seesaw

Witold Gombrowicz is an excellent Polish writer who took a ship to Argentina just before the outbreak of the Second World War, and remained an émigré (there and later in France) to the...
ul. Józefińska / ul. Piwna

Henryk Reyman Stadium

Football-specific stadium in Kraków. It is currently used as home ground by Wisła Kraków football team playing in the Ekstraklasa. The address of the stadium is Kraków, ul....
ul. Reymonta 22

Jiu Jitsu Banzai Club

Banzai! (Japanese 歳 歳 banzai !, literally 10,000 years) - This is a Japanese shout expressing joy and recognition, also used as a greeting: "Long live!" Hurray! For club members a shout of Banzai!...
Dom Kultury Bieżanó, ul. Aleksandry 11
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