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Krakow Arcade Museum

Krakow Arcade Museum is a collection of over 80 arcade games presented on area of over 500m2 available for anyone. Among most interesting games there are the classics – Pac Man, Galaga, Donkey...
ul. Centralna 41a

Krakow Water Tram

Change the way you look at Kraków and give your legs a rest! Check the regular cruises and choose one of the ten berthing quays, and let the currents of the Vistula carry you away!
Bulwary wiślane


Sun, beach, sand, water, boats… The Ośrodek Nad Zalewem centre offers an ideal spot for leisure and recreation in the open, amid delightful natural surroundings. Kryspinowski Reservoir...
Cholerzyn 361, Liszki

Plantuś Playground

Shall we find out how people used to live in the olden days? Let’s start with a cave hidden in a wooden knoll, a shack (with slides) and a hut (filled with sand), before heading to a tenement...
Planty, koło Muzeum Archeologicznego


A large green space perfect for relaxation, creativity and meeting neighbours. Playgrounds don’t all have to be the same – they can be designed by children themselves! It works :)
ul. Piekarska 14
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