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Bursa Cultural Centre

os. Tysiąclecia 15

Błonia Common

Błonia Common (besides the Vistula embankments and Planty Garden Ring) is the locals’ favourite place for walking and relaxing among nature. Covering 48 ha (120 acres), the Common is just 15...
al. Focha / al. 3 Maja / ul. Piastowska

C.K. Norwid Cultural Centre

The C. K. Norwid Culture Centre in Kraków is a municipal cultural institution with over 60 year’s heritage. We conduct our activities in the district of Nowa Huta and undertake actions...
os. Górali 5

Camaldolese Monastery in Bielany

Looming white over the green woods of Srebrna Góra (Silver Mountain) are the towers of the Camaldolese monastery: one of only two operating in Poland. The area – Bielany – took...
ul. Konarowa 1

Canoeing Rally in Nowa Huta

Yes! Canoeing Rally in Nowa Huta river Dłubnia: How to organize it? In Nowa Huta Travel you can settle everything. Canoeing Dłubnia in Nowa Huta is really possible because although Nowa Huta is not...
Nowa Huta, Dłubnia
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