Gombrowicz's Seesaw

ul. Józefińska / ul. Piwna

Witold Gombrowicz is an excellent Polish writer who took a ship to Argentina just before the outbreak of the Second World War, and remained an émigré (there and later in France) to the end of his life. In his works, suffused with an absurd genius, Gombrowicz obsessively struggled with Poland, Poles, and Polishness. The battles are commemorated in Kraków by a quite unorthodox monument: Gombrowiczowi – Rodacy (i.e. Compatriots – to Gombrowicz). The work of Małgorzata Markiewicz originated at the ArtBoom Festival in 2012. It is a seesaw that changes position under the weight of the people sitting on it. Depending on the choices of its users, it’s either the Compatriots or Gombrowicz who get the upper hand, or, rather, position. Yet the best fun is when you try to maintain balance!

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