Stanisław Lem Garden of Experiences

park Lotników Polskich, al. Pokoju 68

An ideal place for the youngest experimenters among us who feel the need to test “how it all works” hands on. The Garden of Experiences has its patron in Stanisław Lem, and is a perfect place to learn the laws of nature by experiencing things directly, i.e. learning them with one’s own senses. Learning through entertainment stimulates the imagination and sensitivity of the visitor. 110 devices demonstrating phenomena from an array of fields, including mechanics, optics, hydrostatics, magnetism, and acoustics, are gathered on a space of around 6 ha (15 acres), their number includes Newton’s cradle, a honeycombed labyrinth, a voicepipe, stone xylophone, a kaleidoscope, a prism, and a whirlpool. Besides all those, the garden features two exhibitions: the geological Geo-gródek and the sensory Zapachowo, plus Lem-birynt: a green labyrinth with quotations from Stanisław Lem.

All the devices are presented in the Polish Aviators’ Park in the open air, which is why the Garden of Experiences is only open in summer (from April to October).

Tickets: PLN 21/14–17, family PLN 60


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12 428 66 00

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