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Swimming pools and bathing sites (15)

Swimming pool of the AGH

Front crawl or breaststroke? The swimming pool of the AGH University of Science and Technology invites: a state-of-the-art sports complex with a swimming centre with three pools: sports, training,...
ul. Buszka 4

Zalew Nowohucki Reservoir

The perfect destination for leisurely summer walks and relaxation, especially for the people of Nowa Huta. A great place for sport, outdoor fun for children, and a popular spot with anglers....
ul. Bulwarowa 39

Swimming pool of KSOS Kurdwanów

A perfect place for spending your free time actively, relaxing, and chilling out. Next to the sports swimming pool, there is a recreational one with water massages, a shallow pool for children with...
ul. Wysłouchów 34a

Swimming pool of Com Com Zone – Prokocim

Come and take the whole family with you: there is a sports swimming pool, a recreational one with a slide, a shallow pool for children, and a jacuzzi. The water is filtered with diatomite...
ul. Kurczaba 29

Swimming pool of Com Com Zone – Nowa Huta

An idea for those who not only like to swim: one of the largest and most modern sports and recreation complexes in Małopolska. Beside the swimming pool, there’s also a sports hall, gym,...
ul. Ptaszyckiego 6
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