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The Barbican and the Defensive Wall

The jewel in the crown of Kraków’s fortifications is accessible to tourists from spring to autumn, and in summer it provides a backdrop for events that immerse you in medieval history...

Wawel Underground: The Lapidarium

The exhibition housed in the cellars of the royal palace presents a hitherto unexhibited collection of early modern architectural details and stone sculptures discovered during archeological...

Banksy Museum

Over 150 pieces by the most mysterious contemporary artist may be seen in the unique premises of post-industrial interiors of Marcin Jarra’s Plated, Silver, and Metal Products Factory,...
ul. Berka Joselewicza 21

Cistercian Museum in the Mogiła district

The museum is at the Cistercian Abbey in Mogiła, at the former abbot’s palace and priory. Mock-ups of former buildings, a reconstruction of a 12th-century stained-glass window and multimedia...
ul. Klasztorna 11

The new Stanisław Wyspiański Museum

Since 2021, the Old Granary has housed the Stanisław Wyspiański Museum: an exhibition space and a place for research into the biography, works and artistic techniques of one of Poland's most...
pl. Sikorskiego 6
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