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Swimming pool of Kolna Sport Center

The centre situated by the road to Tyniec on the outskirts of Kraków is one of few that provide perfect conditions for complex and active leisure and recreation amid beautiful natural...
ul. Kolna 2

Swimming pool of KSOS Kurdwanów

A perfect place for spending your free time actively, relaxing, and chilling out. Next to the sports swimming pool, there is a recreational one with water massages, a shallow pool for children with...
ul. Wysłouchów 34a

Swimming pool of Sport J&J Center Skotniki

Swimming is a great and pleasant form of spending free time, recommended for adults and children alike. The J&J Sport Center situated on the periphery of Kraków offers a swimming pool,...
ul. Winnicka 40

Swimming pool of the AGH

Front crawl or breaststroke? The swimming pool of the AGH University of Science and Technology invites: a state-of-the-art sports complex with a swimming centre with three pools: sports, training,...
ul. Buszka 4

Swimming pool of the Kraków University of Economics

Swimming makes you fitter, builds the spinal muscles, and improves the silhouette – why don’t you visit the swimming pool of the Kraków University of Economics, which also offers...
ul. Rakowicka 27
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