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Swimming pool of Wisła Sport Club

This cosy and comfortable swimming pool close to the Main Market Square will let you make sure you’re fit as a fiddle. Tickets: PLN 8-10  
ul. Reymonta 22

Szczęście Theatre

ul. Zamoyskiego 50

Szkoła Walki Drwala

al. Pokoju 44

Variété Theatre

The Kraków Variété Theatre specialises in a very light repertoire, with especially musicals, music comedies, revues, and burlesque. Kraków’s first music stage...
ul. Grzegórzecka 71

WRT Karting

Great amusement for big and small fans of racing. The modern, roofed karting track in Nowa Huta operates all year round. Professional equipment, karting for adults and children.
ul. Nowolipki 3
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