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Royal Gardens

The Royal Gardens were reconstructed based on years of study and research on Renaissance gardens. The plants used and arrangements of pathways and beds as well as architectural elements evoke the...
Wawel 5

Royal Private Apartments

When Wawel Castle was a royal residence, the halls of the first floor were home to the king, where he lived with his family among courtiers. The heyday of Wawel Castle was the 16th century, the...
Wawel 5

Sandomierska Tower

In tumultuous times – “a firing tower”, and in times of peace – a prison for people who enjoyed high social status. Today, a perfect place to enjoy the panorama of...
Wawel 5

Solvay Centre for Modern Art

ul. Zakopiańska 62

Stained-Glass Museum

More than a museum, it is a living hub of stained-glass decoration in a famous Kraków workshop, and its designs have radiated across the city for over a century. Besides admiring the...
al. Krasińskiego 23
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