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Art of the Orient: Turkish Tents

The centuries of contacts, not necessarily peaceful, with the countries of the Middle East had a powerful impact on Polish customs, fashion, and artistic tastes. Centuries of close contacts...
Wawel 5


ARTzona to przestrzeń artystyczna, będąca częścią Ośrodka Kultury im. C. K. Norwida, to otwarta strefa dla działań społeczny ch i kulturalnych.
os. Górali 4

Aviation Education Centre Kraków Airport

The Aviation Education Center is a unique educational center that describes the principles of airport operation and its organization. Its mission is to carried out through the organization of...
ul. kpt. Medweckiego 1, Balice


The pearl of Kraków’s fortifications, the Barbican is one of the most exquisite examples of medieval military architecture in Europe. Never captured during a siege, it passed into...
ul. Basztowa

Bawialnia M.

ul. Kościelna 3
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