A starry box for crayons

On the desk, table and floor - there are crayons everywhere! You can organize them very easily, without buying new containers. It's worth making your own starry box from a regular sheet of paper :).

To make a starry box, take a piece of paper (it can be coloured) with a side of about 20 cm. Fold it in half and then again in half to get a square with a side of about 10 cm. Unfold the page and this time fold it in half diagonally, then spread and fold it in the other diagonal in half and unfold it again. Now it’s time to make this craft more difficult. Fold the page in half in a straight line (obtaining a rectangle) and gently insert inside the folds of paper that we have on the right and left of the page so that all corners are at the bottom. This is your base for making a starry box.

Then, follow the drawings above and you’ll get a beautiful box for crayons.

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