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LikeKonik Café

A low-key venue in the heart of Kraków with a focus on people, inspiration, concerts and education.
pl. Wszystkich Świętych 2

Skating Rink at Wolnica Square

What’s the best way of expending energy? Going for a stroll may be enough for adults, but kids usually need something more exciting. In any case, we all need exercise and fresh air! All signs...
pl. Wolnica

Wawel Hill

A limestone rock rising above the Vistula in the centre of Kraków, an ancient centre of power: legendary – connected to Krak or Krakus, the mythical founder of the stronghold and his...

Cloth Hall

One of the symbols of city, a pearl of renaissance architecture, Kraków’s oldest “commercial centre”: Sukiennice or the Cloth Hall is one of the most important elements of...
Rynek Główny 1-3

Dragon’s Den

The cave that the legendary dragon inhabited leads down from Wawel Hill to the bank of the Vistula. The legendary beast terrorised the locals and demanded offerings of cattle, though in an...
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