We're Looking For Urban-Farmers

26 March 2020

End of March. The ripening spring tempts to outdoor activity. The world of nature comes to life, you really want to take part in it, but a COVID-19 pandemic spoils your ambitious plans. #STAYATHOME AND READ WHAT'S BEYOND!

March 25, that is - according to the lunar calendar - sowing day, a unique alliance was formed. Captured by the COVID-19 pandemic, the bunch of urban-farmers decided to combine their powers and - as an effective weapon in the psychological fight against plague - they chose their hard-working hands and minds filled with knowledge. Sounds dangerous? Calm down! The arena of ecological struggle will be home BALCONY. Ready to fight? We're explaining what's going on.

Intergenerational union of ideas and projects The All In Foundation with the substantive support of authorities from the City Green Board in Krakow is calling the city for the balcony-agrarian revolution! We propose to jointly fill our balconies with ecological crops to make EVERYONE having the chance to celebrate spring fully - despite the orders to stay home.


We will show you the full know-how of construction and cultivation of a city farm on your balcony. Thanks to professional guides (available on the ZZM website) and easy tips from our brave farmers, you will learn, among others:

  • how to construct the right infrastructure for crops,
  • how to sow seeds,
  • how to replant soil seedlings,
  • how to fertilize the soil ecologically to increase the yield,
  • how to care for plants to catalyze their growth,
  • and much much more...


There is no better time to start a city farm than the end of March. This is an ideal period for sowing most of the popular seeds, but ALWAYS pay attention for weather conditions accompanying our action. Chill, we will explain everything step by step :)


Growing a balcony farm is a perfect way to develop your passions and learn more about the cycle of nature. In addition to practical skills related to growing plants, you will get delicious crops (nothing tastes as good as self-grown vegetables, herbs and fruits). It is impossible to forget about the positive impact of this practice on the local air condition. Any doubts? Just try - you'll surely improve your mood!

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