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Krakus Mound

Legend has it that this is the last resting place of the legendary founder of Kraków. And in reality? Few facts are known, while one mystery chases another. Duke (according to another...
al. Powstańców Śląskich / ul. Wielicka

Matejko Square

The name of the square is connected to the bestowal of honorary citizenship of Kraków on the painter Jan Matejko. It was a special homage to the great artist, as people are hardly ever made...

Old Synagogue

Standing on Szeroka Street Street, known not only as the stage of the final concert of the Jewish Culture Festival but also as the centuries-old centre of Jewish life in Kazimierz, is one of the...
ul. Szeroka 24

Pauline Church

Not unlike Wawel Hill, the Church “on the Rock” counts among the places whose long and rich history dates back to the Stone Age, and its modern history has not only been strongly melded...
ul. Skałeczna 15

Piłsudski Mound

The largest of Kraków’s mounds is at the same time the most difficult to access. The Piłsudski Mound stands atop Sowiniec Hill in the Lasek Wolski forest and it commemorates the...
Lasek Wolski
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