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Dragon’s Den

The cave that the legendary dragon inhabited leads down from Wawel Hill to the bank of the Vistula. The legendary beast terrorised the locals and demanded offerings of cattle, though in an...

Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory

Where the tumultuous history of a world war meets everyday life, and private lives – a tragedy that affected the whole world. The factory at ulica Lipowa 4 was launched two years before...
ul. Lipowa 4

The Barbican and the Defensive Wall

REOPENED ON MAY 9, 2020 The jewel in the crown of Kraków’s fortifications is accessible to tourists from spring to autumn, and in summer it provides a backdrop for events that...

Bochnia Salt Mine

Although slightly smaller and less popular than its counterpart in Wieliczka, the salt mine in Bochnia offers equally beautiful and interesting attractions to visitors. The Bochnia salt mine is...
ul. Campi 15, Bochnia


REOPENED ON MAY 22, 2020 This is where you can learn the true history of the Silver Fowl, allegedly presented by no one else but King Sigismund Augustus himself to the Kraków...
ul. Lubicz 16
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