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Sailing and canoeing (5)

Canoeing Rally in Nowa Huta

Yes! Canoeing Rally in Nowa Huta river Dłubnia: How to organize it? In Nowa Huta Travel you can settle everything. Canoeing Dłubnia in Nowa Huta is really possible because although Nowa Huta is not...
Nowa Huta, Dłubnia

Krakow Water Tram

Change the way you look at Kraków and give your legs a rest! Check the regular cruises and choose one of the ten berthing quays, and let the currents of the Vistula carry you away!
Bulwary wiślane

Cruises on the Vistula

Wisła embankment near Royal Wawel Castle. We would like to invite you for cruises on the pleasure boat “Nimfa”, “Orka” or Catamaran. 
Bulwar Czerwieński

Cruise onboard the Legenda

Kraków conceals plenty of secrets that cannot be seen from the bank. You can discover them taking a cruise onboard the Legenda ship or in a gondola. Czerwieński Embankment by the...
Bulwar Czerwieński

Cruise onboard the Sobieski

Admire Kraków from onboard a panoramic catamaran. A cosy bar and modern design ensure everything you need to feel just fine on the water. Victoria quay next to the Dębnicki Bridge.
Most Dębnicki
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