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Botanical Garden

The little Botanical Garden of the Jagiellonian University is situated close to the heart of Kraków, a ten-minute walk from the Main Market Square and the Main Railway Station. It is...
ul. Kopernika 27

Jiu Jitsu Banzai Club

Banzai! (Japanese 歳 歳 banzai !, literally 10,000 years) - This is a Japanese shout expressing joy and recognition, also used as a greeting: "Long live!" Hurray! For club members a shout of Banzai!...
Dom Kultury Bieżanó, ul. Aleksandry 11

Krakow Arcade Museum

Krakow Arcade Museum is a collection of over 80 arcade games presented on area of over 500m2 available for anyone. Among most interesting games there are the classics – Pac Man, Galaga, Donkey...
ul. Centralna 41a

Aviation Education Centre Kraków Airport

The Aviation Education Center is a unique educational center that describes the principles of airport operation and its organization. Its mission is to carried out through the organization of...
ul. kpt. Medweckiego 1, Balice

Cascada Center

A nice cozy atmosphere and a professional staff will ensure that you will feel at ease, and full of energy, thus relaxing both your body and your mind
ul. Szuwarowa 1
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