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Czeczów Manor

The Branch of the Podgórze Cultural Centre
ul. ks. Popiełuszki 36

De Revolutionibus Books&Cafe

A bookshop run by the Copernicus Centre in the 19th-century Larisch Mansion. Enter it for a lavish selection of works on philosophy and various academic topics, a fantastic reportage section, and...
ul. Bracka 14

Decius Park

One of Kraków’s oldest parks, it was designed in the 16th century by Italian architects on the commission of King Sigismund I the Old at the summer residence of the king’s...
pomiędzy ul. Królowej Jadwigi a ul. 28 lipca 1943 roku

Dom Harcerza Cultural Centre (ul. Reymonta)

ul. Reymonta 18

Dragon Statue

Once upon a time, the cunning cobbler Skuba defeated the dragon who’d been terrorising Kraków. He tricked the beast by feeding him a sheep stuffed with sulphur – after gobbling it...
Bulwar Czerwieński
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